12/17/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


12/17/14 Top Pick; Vamping Beauty

snowflake Lines and Forms – What an alluring beauty! I love how the lines in her hair are mimicked in the lines of the roses around her.

snowflake Color – I really enjoy the deep, bloody red and brown tones.

Thank You Emilie Boisvert

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12/17/14 Top Pick; Kill Them All

snowflake Composition – Wonderful use of negative and positive space. The three negative space figures create a balanced triangular shape around the yellow glowing head.

snowflake Color – The deep muscle red contrasts well with the golden sun yellow.

Thank You Tom Trager

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12/07/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

Awesome shirts on the weekend!! That almost never happens.


12/7/14 Top Pick; Bad Company

snowflake Lines and forms – The clean vector forms are wonderfully composed together to make a clean bold image.

snowflake Composition – The different components nicely fit together revealing an interesting sequence of events.

Thank You SXStudios

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12/7/14 Top Pick; Sacred Hunt

snowflake Color – Wonderful use of positive and negative spaces. The main light source coming from the center of the design nicely reveals the predator’s glorious portrait. The deep red alien numbers create a wonderful halo glow.

snowflakeExecution – The high level of details and color definitely gives this design a divine glow.

Thank You Matt DeMino

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12/3/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

A great day for Alice in Wonderland!


12/03/14 Top Pick; The Flowers of Wonderland

snowflake Color Scheme – I love the warm colors in contrast with the cool blues and grays of the leaves on the navy blue background. Although there are warm and cool colors, they seem to harmonize well.

snowflake Typography – Wonderful looping script type. It nicely weaves through the field of flowers. It boldly serves at the main component in this design.

snowflake Composition – The typography slants across the field leading the eye through the flowers. The little Alice figure in the bottom right corner is nicely balanced with the smaller type in the top left corner.

Also, I love the little branches with buds which add decoration to the flowers. Can you spot the hidden white rabbit? Too cute!

Thank You Gemma Roman

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12/03/14 Top Pick; Curiouser and Curiouser

snowflake Lines and Forms – Megan Lara! Geez, master of expressing my favorite characters in an elaborate Art Nouveau style. Wonderful thick outlines. Beautiful floral motifs. Expressive hair and doll like faces.

snowflake Color Scheme – Wonderful muted earthy hues.

snowflake Composition – Elaborate frames which seem to visually retell the story.

Thank You Megan Lara

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11/28/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

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(from Day of the Shirt site)



11/28/2014 Top Pick; Got Tea?

snowflake Concept- Self explanatory and completely comical.

snowflake Execution- Both portraits are instantly recognizable.

Thank You Marcoapc

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11/25/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs

So many awesome shirt, so little time. I looked through the different sites today and surprisingly found many designs I liked. I was working on a commissioned piece pretty heavily today for a quick turn around. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to blog today. But I will at least share my favs.


11/25/14 Top Pick: The Capitol’s Downfall

Thank You BustedTees

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11/25/14 Top Pick: 80’s Big Daddy

Thank You StudioM6

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11/25/14 Top Pick: 80’s Dark Side

Thank You StudioM6

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11/25/14 Top Pick: 80’S I’ll Be Back

Thank You StudioM6

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11/25/14 Top Pick: Harley Quinn

Thank You Truly Epic

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11/25/14 Top Pick: No One’s Slave

Thank You Tim Shumate

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11/19/2014 Top Post – Daily Shirt Designs


11/19/14 Top Pick; Relativity

Interstellar was just a wonderful and amazing experience. A must watch on the big screen. So, if you haven’t watched this movie yet (what’s wrong with you!?) go head, get in your car, drive to the theater, and prepare to be delighted for the next 3 hours. Side note, if you cry during movies bring a box of tissues or two. Trust me!

snowflake Color –  I love the rich earth tones used in this design. Not only do they reflect the maze of books in the movie, but also Earth and humanity.

snowflake Composition – Balanced bilateral symmetry that gives the erratic lines stability.

snowflake Lines and forms – I really enjoy the simple geometry forms that make up the center part of the design. They fall nicely creating an interesting positive space in the field above the helmet. Then they run down to develop the round shape of the helmet. The lines continue down to form interesting drips that mimic the top creating repetition.

I’d also like to give a shout out for depicting Matthew McConaughey so well using simple blocks of color. Kudos!

Thank You DannyHaas

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11/18/2014 Top Picks – Daily Shirt Designs


11/18/14 Top Pick; The Last Space Bender

snowflake Color – I really enjoy the rainbow of colors that extends over all the positive Space in this design. The figure created out of the negative space sits boldly and simply amidst the positive areas.

snowflake Texture – The light washes of color give this design an airy, cosmic feel.

Thank You KharmaZero

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11/18/14 TopPick; Bat Attitude

snowflake Lines and Forms – Barbara Gordon is ready to BATter up! Wonderful thick line work. The thiner lines within the figure add a wonderful rough texture.

snowflake Composition – I really enjoy the simple composition of all the lovely girls in this series. The figures are all in varying sitting poses on a simple stamped background.

snowflakeColor – The varying purples, cool grays, and golds work wonderfully together. I don’t usually rock purple. I believe I only have one purple tee shirt, so I might just have to buy this one!

Thank You Tom Kurzanski

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11/18/14 TopPick; Whip It

snowflake Lines and Forms – I would love to rock Selina’s outfit; it’s so CATTY! Again, the thick line work gives the design a bold look while the thin inner lines add detail.

snowflake Compostion – Like the rest of the series, I really enjoy the lovely figure sitting simply on the stamped background. The background has just been simply rotated to better balance the figure.

Thank You Tom Kurzanski

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